Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Sir said, did he?

One of the RB clan came home from school yesterday and during the point at which they download on every little thing that has gone on, Thursday's teachers strike came up.  It seems that Sir has been sharing his tale of woe with the pupils about what will happen if the government press ahead with their proposed reform of the public sector pensions and how Sir would lose out on around £250,000.

I explained to my child that I understood Sir's plight of losing money and whilst Sir faced a tougher retirement than he had counted on something had to be done.  I had to hold up my hands and explain that there simply was no money to pay for their current package and use words like unfunded liability.  Sir was made a promise by a politician that someone else was expected to pay for.

I wish at the time I had this video from the Exposing Leftists site:

It might have helped put it in perspective

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