Tuesday, 19 April 2011

A slight change of heart

For those who know my work I decided to wind up my old blog.  In many ways it was both addictive and draining serving up constant critique about the way Britain and the world was going.  It became draining because it was addictive.  I'm sure anyone who has been a consistent blogger in a subject area like the one at my previous blog will know, it is very easy to get sucked into your research and reporting.  Before you know, hours have passed.  That level of work takes its toll emotionally and physically.  Given the nature of the problems we face, some of my time needed to be focused on making sure my family are as prepared as possible for that.

At the same time however, I couldn't totally abandon it and do nothing as the nation of my birth that has given so much to the world, slides into the quicksand as we appear to be witnessing, ably pushed by a bi-partisan group comprising self interest, hatred for our country and people totally devoid of values and beliefs.

So I underwent a slight change of heart.  I decided to open up a new blog dedicated to Restoring Britain.  My aim is to focus it more on turning this nation around.  I aim to do this partly by commenting on news items, but also on getting people to lawfully act in restoring this nation.  I believe a silent majority are quietly weeping at where this country has currently arrived it.  It's time to stir them.

Although we are a country on the European continent, there will be references from our cousins across the Atlantic.  The reasons are several fold.  I believe they are sharing a lot of the problems that we are.  The difference being is that there is a lot more activity working to turn it around that we can learn from and be inspired by.  As one of the aims of my blog is to show people the path they can take, it makes sense to learn from a country who opens up one of it's pivotal documents with the words:

"We the people..."