Sunday, 12 June 2011

Get Ready People - We're Going In!

Although I can be critical of the mainstream media, there is occasionally a story which points out some the madness that passes for life in a so called modern democracy.  What is often the heart warming sight is the outrage in comments section at the bottom.  It shows me that there are many who are angry beyond belief and want something very very different than what we have right now. 

Among those comments is something that piques my interest.  It is usually a comment along the lines of "wake up" or " so when will you do something about it?"  In other words its a call to people to stop returning to the coma that most of us live in while this decay persists and spreads.  It is quite telling because that is the truth of the matter.  Whilst the outraged are probably in the majority, they will allow things to carry on as they are, which is precisely how the situation got as bad as it has.  It will only stand a chance of turning around if people do something about it as opposed to saying "someone should do something about it".

If we were to take modern politics for example the lack of engagement with politicians allows them to ignore the democratic rights of voters and allows them to assume powers over us they simply do not have.  Autonomous mind yesterday gave some perfect examples of these abuses in power.  They are assuming a dominance over us which has no grounding in the law.  No one challenges them on the legitimacy of their actions and as such we surrender freedoms every day.

But it doesn't have to be this way.  I am not suggesting illegal action.  Far from it.  The strength of this nation and its people lies in the power of what is left in the legitimate democratic processes.  The rights that they haven't yet outlawed in order to protect their place at the trough.  It is following these and working within the law that I am talking about.  I am an advocate of taking processes that are legally permitted to bring about the nation we all want to see and to return democratic power to the people of this country.

So shall we get to work.

The first thing many of the lost voices of this country need to do is change their perspective.  Too often we see the powers that be as a single whole unit attacking our lives from all angles.  This gives us the perspective that the task that faces us is overwhelming.  Let us take Parliament for example, those circa 650 are often viewed as a collective whole over which we have no power.

Not true.

They are quite happy for that perception to persist because they are acutely aware that a change of perspective will shift the power from them to you.  Look at them differently in order to bring the fight to a territory on which you can win. They are in fact not a whole but individuals at a trough of taxpayers money.  You need to look at them as individuals because that's where your activity needs to take place. 

Think about it.  Does a lion on the hunt for prey look at the whole herd of wildebeest on the grazing grounds.  Not at all.  Lions pick out the one on the edge, the one that looks vulnerable.  It is something we should copy in our work. 

Fortunately all of our MP's are on the edge of the herd and vulnerable if we look at them in the right way.  Not only that they are already on the ground on which we can fight them and win.  Its called their local constituency.  On that ground, they are not 650, they are alone.  We the people are the legion on that ground and they are the ones vulnerable to democratic process that could cancel their place at the trough.

We should organise on that ground.  Richard North mentioned it some time ago with his post on local voting blocs, which partly came out of a blog post from Wittering Witney.  It is there that they must answer for themselves.  It is there that we must develop our strength and begin to send each of them a clear message that we are waking up to our legitimate rights and are taking back our power.

Some will recognise the change and will come into line.  Some are beyond redemption and think they are safe.  If we organise and begin to set up our local base camps we can deal with those who are beyond redemption. 

One thing we must do is forget voting for parties.  Voting for parties at present takes them out of our control.  A vote on party lines is a vote for party machines which I will explain further in another post.  We must vote for individuals and hold individuals to account.

That is where I think we start.  As well as blogging about news stories it was always my aim to make this site a resource around this principal.  The independent bloggers network is bringing the stories, but it needs many more people to help the aims get some traction and momentum.  The people need to act because in some areas we are in an endgame.  If we never start legitimate and legally permitted action, all the blogging in the world will have been in vain.  But the bloggers cannot do it all.  They can re post messages like this to reach a wider audience or they can write their own version.  But people have to start in their localities with the setting up of their base camp and growing their local base. 

Its time to decide.  What will you do?

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  1. Firstly RB, thanks for the link which is greatly appreciated.

    Secondly, good post and nice idea. Like most good causes I foresee an uphill battle to wake up the masses, but hey ho......