Saturday, 18 June 2011

Getting Ready for Judgement Day

A post over at 13th Spitfire this morning reminded of my recent post where I had explored the power in your hands lies at present in the establishment of a local voting bloc.  For me the power here is that the struggle to return to honest and open democracy relies on seperating our elected politicians from their herd and moving them the place where they are on their own - their local constituency.

As Spitfire points out, it really is time to give some thought to who you would vote for in that coming election.  I've already expressed my thought that the way things are currently being run, voting on party lines no longer means anything.  I've also expressed my view that what we need to do is find out which politicians are willing to be accountable to their voters and change and which of them are beyond redemption and need removing from their place at the trough (which I incidentally want removed also).

Witht these two things in mind it is time for those local voting blocs to start to grow in order to become established in time.  It is also time to start to grow and prepare independent candidates willing to change things.  Growing such a group and identifying or developing a candidate worth backing takes time and so it is time to start.

So here are some to help. Firstly I've added a link to the resources box over on the right.  They Work for You is a website that enables you to find your MP and see what they're doing in (or not doing in Parliament).  It is a good starting place for monitoring your MP.

I'm also advising the start of developing local voting blogs.  Just as the Independent Blogsphere is proving to be a vital tool in spreading the various messages, the growth of local blogs can do the same.  It is easy to say no one will look and use that as an excuse not to start.  I believe however, that just starting is the first step. So whatever you do, just start.

If you've no idea about to start with a blog set up, it really is quite straightforward.  There are lots of ways to do, but two free platforms are Wordpress (as used by sites like Autonomous Mind) or Blogger which is the one I'm more familiar with.  In reality you just need to set up and account and the rest of it the sites themselves walk you through.  Once set up, you simply do your research and start telling the truth.  Once you're going you start to grow the number of people who see your blog in your area.

For my part here's something I can do.  I've created an additional box over on the right to point to local voting blogs.  If you start one, leave me a comment in the box below with a link to your blog.  I'll quickly look it over just to make sure it is what it says it is and not porn or such like and I'll add it to the box.

I'm hoping that other Independent bloggers will also support and do the same.

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