Saturday, 31 March 2012

Seizing Ground

I've written about this sort of thing before.  As I have mentioned in my previous post, I subscribe to the view that those who wish to see this nation get off its knees and stand once more are not the small minded minority they are painted as.  I believe this to be a falsehood, perpetuated by the genuine minority as part of their smoke and mirrors act to achieve their aim to grind this nation down.  The reality is that such people need us on the back foot, on the run or in hiding because they know if we ever stand up, the truth will be spoken and there will be nothing they will be able to do to stop the real truth from coming out.

Credit where credit is due however.  They have for the most part achieved their aim of suppressing what the open and honest majority from working to get this nation back on its feet.  For the most part, people who weep at where this country is are reduced  to comment sections in newspapers or blogs.  So successful is the "narrative" against them that their act of rebellion or counter attack is so limited.  Those that would see this nation ground into the dirt have been highly effective in giving the impression that all of us who love our country are very, very alone.

As I wrote in the article I referenced at the start of this post, those who wish to collapse this nation need to separate us from our culture and the symbols of our culture.  They go after every visible sign of who we are and toxify it.  They make it uninhabitable.  It's not a whim on their part but a very deliberate effort that they know has impact.  It's easy to write such notions off as imaginary, but I'm afraid it's anything but.  They have spent decades and I mean decades working on this.  In comparison, we are rank amateurs.  Part of this is because we presumed that the things that made our nation great are so self evident that they would stand unchallenged on their own and wouldn't need protecting by us.

You have to understand such people.  For them, the war is everything.  No inch of ground must remain uncontested in their world.  They like to create a political "dirty bomb" that makes a given ideal totally uninhabitable.  Why?  Because they know that if we begin to place one foot in that area, others may follow and they run the risk that their narrative will be seen for the fraud that it is. 

By and large they have achieved their aim.  We are fearful to tread in so many areas and they move into new areas to tip the balance even further with their sausage slicing approach.

But it's not all doom and gloom.  Regardless of how effective they have been to this point, I believe we remain the majority.  I firmly believe that it is us that are legion that they could not possibly stand against.   Their only real advantage is the time they have invested in their objectives and our fear.  Fear is a powerful weapon to keep us hidden.  We are so unconditioned at standing up for what is great in our nation that almost everything feels high risk.  We may still fear that we are alone, despite the fact we're not.

So I have an idea. An idea that is timely.  More importantly it's what I call a "toe dipper".  Its something that can fit well within the comfort zone of many who might have been afraid yet gets them into the fightback.  Not only that, its something that can act as a beacon to others to begin to show that we're not alone like they want (and need) for us to believe.  My idea is nothing really new, but its' one that strikes me as something positive and doable and one that I feel has been a bit of a problem area for those who wish to grind Britain down.  One in which some headway has already been gained in recent years and just needs to reach a tipping point.

It's St George's Day on April 23rd.

Before I go any further, there is obviously the question of how this applies to other nations in the union, especially as I believe in the strength of the union.  Of course it is a day for the English, just as the other nations have their day.  The problem for me is that St George's day is one which there appears to have been more of a concerted effort to thwart.  For me a strong union needs to be strong in all parts.  key to that strength is each individual home country having a strong sense of it's own identity.  England I feel needs some work.  So my point is that an act to restore some sense of pride in England is better for us all round.  It's time for the English to "get in the game".  Once we're in the game we're going to be in a better place to stand with others across the union who want back that way of life and values that make us great.

As I mentioned earlier, St George's day is one that that our detractors have had some difficulty in killing off, especially in recent years where it is starting to grow again, thanks to activity such as the petition to get it recognised as an official holiday in England . It needs however to hit a tipping point - one it becomes an event in which its celebration is commonplace.  The people of England need to seize it and celebrate it with pride and counter any narrative that tries to paint it in a negative light.  It's not ground that we should be afraid to inhabit.  It's ground that our detractors should be afraid to inhabit.  There's nothing wrong in who we are and the good honest way of life we stand for.  England does not care what colour you are as long as you stand up for her and her way of life.

The day however needs numbers.  It needs numbers of people to celebrate it and for the day to be visible around the country.  It needs a momentum behind it that makes it visible to others.  All mass has gravity and gravity attracts others.  That mass will come from visibility.

So this year, decide you're going to take part in celebrating St George's Day.  Start planning your celebration now, but whatever you do make it visible so that the message gets out that we're taking back the day and seizing the narrative that for too long we have left to those who wish to taint it with their own poison.  Let's make it a visible celebration so that those who believe in England and its contribution to freedom can get on board with the celebrations.

Come on people, come on England.  Dip your toe. We've got 23 days.  Let's make them count so we can achieve a unprecedented St George's Day celebration.

Wouldn't it be lovely to get #celebratingstgeorgesday on Twitter for a start?

Friday, 2 March 2012

Was it worth it?

Remember this:

Given his dwindling popularity at home it must have been lovely for a man who relishes the adulation from a good PR campaign, boosted by  that warm Libyan son.  We learned how he took the gratitude of the new freed Libyan people with their chants of "Thank you Cam'ron" and "Thank you Britain".

That was October

This is how that gratitude is panning out now:

 Like my fellow blogger, Prodicus, I am lost for words.  In this video I see the efforts of our armed forces who provided cover for these militias during the uprising being used to spit in our faces by desecrating the memories of those of have fallen in previous defences against tyranny.

I'm not saying they're one and the same group of people as those who once thanked us.  What we're probably seeing here is one of the militias that are running wild in Libya.  There is however an important lesson to us before we go jumping in to "save" a nation.  It's one of that we had better know what we are getting in to before we do so.

It's no good going off half cocked into a conflict for the sake of some transient positive PR to fluff up our credentials as defenders of democracy.  These things might start off with all good intentions but having seen several of these now, it is clear that how they start out is not how they finish.  The path we seem to repeatedly is that once these "revolutions" start they not only attract the west, but bands of armed groups who make a beeline for the region to bring their own brand of revolution and post revolution "democracy".  Somewhere along the way we work hand in hand with them, help them achieve their aim and leave them to their democracy.  It's just that it has so often turned out, that their interpretation is very different to what we had in mind when we waded in.

Now we find Syria lining up as the next battle ground.  Are we certain we know what we're getting in to there?

Was this worth the plaudits eh Dave?