Thursday, 23 June 2011

Time to saddle up

On April 18th, 1775 in what is now the US, Paul Revere took his famous ride through the night, knocking on doors to warn them that the British were coming.  It was a call to act to protect their fledgling republic.  My point is that it takes many to act to bring about a change but it only takes one man to start it and the others willing to copy. 

That is a lesson for us who want our nation to thrive once again, underpinned by representative democracy and freeing its people to improve their lives. 

But we need a message.

Today we have a message via Wittering Witney.  It is a rousing call that we should all take to heart.  There is however a paragraph at the end that is particularly sobering.  Rather than acting the post highlights an all too common response.  Despite the anger their is no action as we continue to act like spectators as the parade of decline marches past us.

So how do we begin to act.  Simply we tell people and we tell them to tell people.  We all know so many people who see what we see and who weep at what this country has become and long for a day in which their vote counts, their lives can begin to prosper again and in which there is a balance of freedom and a rule of law that brings justice for the innocent against the guilty. 

Telling them is easy.  Rather than make your next email a funny one, send them the message.  Think about who you know who thinks like you and would like to see that they're not alone, because that is your message.  Your message of hope is that they're not alone like they think they are.

So send them the links to Wittering Witney's post.  Send them links to the blogs on Wittering Witney, Calling England, EU Referendum, Autonomous Mind, Raedwald and others.  From there they can start the journey of exploration.  Even if you reach one person you will have done something.

Saddle up and ride out with your message.

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  1. RM, you are too kind, really. Much appreciate your endorsement of my views!