Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The Fan is on. Shovellers on the way

It looks as though the proverbial will be hitting the fan in the not too distant future.  EU Referendum highlights how at long last one aspect of British Mainstream Media has decided to share with the rest of the country what has been brewing all along with the news that Greece is really in such a bad way that their credit rating has basically had a "don't touch with a barge pole" sign stuck to it.

For those who are thinking that it is only Greece, well it is time to have a bit of a rethink.  Allow me to show you how far the rabbit hole goes Alice.  First up, is this little scene setter from Waspsnest who talks to us about the real debt we have.  Then as recommended by Waspsnest, take a look at this very clear explanation how we're all linked together, beautifully explained in the graphic further on down.

Time to keep our eyes open as politicians make a ham fisted effort to solve this.  Buckle up!

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