Friday, 10 June 2011

The Narrative

I'm currently working on a new post at the moment.  Before I do I want to show you a video and with good reason.  If you're relatively new to getting your news from blogs, you might find yourself in a state of disbelief because you've either not seen the story on the TV news or the version you have seen doesn't tie up to the version you're seeing on blogs.  Understandably you might think that the mainstream news wouldn't have a slant to it unlike what is often referred to as "some random blog".

Unfortunately not all is what you might think.  And it is for that reason I want to show you the video.

Warning: There is some language within the video that is considered racially offensive.  It is however used as a direct quote of a third party and not the viewpoint of the Bill Whittle and is certainly not my viewpoint

If you're looking for something a little more robust on the subject then you might want to look at the link below which bears a lot of similarities but there's a lot more background to it, which makes it less easy for people to write it off as shallow and incorrect. You will have to get over the somewhat strange use of the presenters smoking pipe as a prop.

A history of political correctness

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