Saturday, 11 June 2011

Looking after Number 1

Not that you would know it thanks to the seemingly wilful blindness of the mainstream media outlets but there is a larger disaster looming than the faux cuts story we are being presented with on an almost daily basis.  The faux cuts are part of the looming disaster but not in the way they're being reported.  They're a disaster because in reality there is no significant effort to tackle the deficit or the debt and failing to do so will be a disaster.  I saw the measures being taken as akin to "kicking a tin can around".

Among the things we're not as a nation hearing about because things like Wayne Rooney's hair transplant is considered bigger news, is that wider world is struggling to manage its financial problems.  Its there if you look, but once again it brings us back to the vital role of independent bloggers through the Gates of Vienna news feed.  It seems that Greece may need another bailout as they fail to resolve their debt problem, with Germany wondering if Greece faces Bankruptcy . However it would seem that Germany and the ECB don't agree on the approach although analysts reading the tea leaves of the ECB position suggest they might be backpedalling from an earlier standpoint.

There is also the view that Ireland still hasn't solved their woes despite injecting money into their system.  Added to which it is being reported that the US credit rating is at risk as the US administration struggles to get its economy in order, despite the best efforts of a fawning press to present it as an issue of presentation.

The problem comes in that although what I've described is taking place in places away from our shores, we are plugged into all of it.  The fancy word they use for it is interdependence.  We really are all in it together as the former conservative party would say.

Now although I sound something of a Private Fraser with my "We're all doomed" alarm, that isn't really the aim.  I actually have a different more positive aim.  The point of the matter is that despite the utterances of our politicians, everything they "assure" us of  regarding the economy, our financial situation is plugged into that of other nations which they are not in control of.  In other words what is true one day will certainly not be the next.  That presents us with a choice as individuals.  We can choose to carry on as normal or we can decide that we need to spend time on our own "economy" so that we can reach a position where we are more ready to adapt to the coming changes.

The second choice sounds better to me because it involves being reliant on ourselves and not on a group of people whose only thought and action is for themselves and their place at the trough.  Many of us need to grow our financial literacy for our own sakes.

To that end I'm adding some new links to the resources section.  Although my original aim was to make it solely about links that would enable readers to take an active interest in revitalising our nation.  I have come to realise that part of that requires the ability to prevail when changes occur such as financial ones.  The first ones are from the US.  The first one I have been looking at, is the Rich Dad series by Robert Kiyosaki.  Kiyosaki takes the average reader on a different journey and says some thing that will make you think twice about the sausage machine operatives who are looking after the financial affairs of most of the country before putting your money with them.  The other one I'm putting up there is the finance section.  I think they're great starting points.  I hope you find them useful also

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