Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Naming the Shameless #1 - Nigel Adams

Having had something of a bout of fatigue at what passes for the everyday decline of this nation, blogging has been a little light (or barren).  Unable to bring myself to comment on the News International scandal (in which the real story is being hidden but able exposed by Autonomous Mind), I've been looking to do something relevant regarding the real scandal that is that 274 of our illustrious MP's used the News International obsession as a distraction whilst they voted to contribute an extra £9.2 billion (88% increase) to the IMF.

The good news is that I got beaten to a good idea by good people whose blogs get more traction than me.  Wittering Witney in his post suggested that we act on this story by pointing to Richard North's EU Referendum blog.  The blog will be listing a profile of each of the 274 MP's who voted in this scandalous bonfire of borrowed money that you the taxpayer will end up footing the bill for. 

If you blog - turn on the lights and show the people what they did with our money

First up is Nigel Adams.

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