Saturday, 4 June 2011

Just in case you're still sitting on your hands

If you read the websites of the mainstream press, you'll eventually read a story that charts another day in the decline of this country.  Chances are your blood threatens to boil.  You may wonder if you're the only one outraged by what you see but when you read the angry comments at the bottom you realise that you're one of many.  Somewhere in those comments will be posts including phrases such as "Britain - wake up"" or "When are the people of this nation going to actually do something about.....?"

Which is the nub of the issue.  It seems we have now become punch drunk to the abuses of democracy, our national identity and our way of life.  Whilst we might criticise what we see, we will remain sat on our hands probably muttering that someone should do something.  Hopefully one day the many will realise that when our house is on fire we really need to act.  So I hope the following story is one that will prompt you to think hard about how much longer you can continue to sit on your hands.  My concern is that many are waiting for the current "Conservative" government to get into their stride to turn this nonsense around.  Well if you're one of them - read on.

Autonomous Mind is running with a story in the Telegraph drip feeding (as AM so wonderfully puts it) the idea of us joining our military assets with France and along with Richard North, point out that this isn't a new idea but one that has been slowly developing over a number of years in line with an EU vision.  Worse still this started under John Major.

Every time I read this I am reminded of a piece I read in recent years but I'm unable to locate to post the link here.  That particular article highlighted one of the reasons for the lack of engagement with NATO by France.  The conclusion it came to was that France did not engage because they did not hold many of the significant positions of command in the structure.  In other words they wanted to run the thing.  I find knowledge of that article sheds a very different light on this "sharing" and "interdependency" being talked about.

Even if this isn't a French power grab, we are seeing our cede power away from Britain into a wider EU military force.  But think about that for a while and think about what that means.  Effectively we can no more decide that we're going to enter a conflict based on our own decision.  If Argentina decides that the Falklands is now theirs again (despite having sold them to us) and invades we won't simply be able to deploy the aircraft carriers without plenty of horse trading.

Let us also consider what happens if we end up with this EU military force.  How will that work?  Who decides.  The movement to any warfare at least goes through the show of a debate in this country.  Try applying that to the EU and it looks very different.  Let's take a quick look back at recent conflicts that European countries have been involved in.  Dithering is a word that springs to mind and so is disagreement

We could down this route for a long time, but the point raised is this.  You're watching this unfold and it is being done without your say so.  You are watching your nation being ground down slowly although the pace is picking up as your politicians are now more convinced than ever you will simply sit there and accept it.  It has been commented before that it is part of the British character to wait until it is almost too late before they act.  The problem is we show signs that we won't act until it is too late as we now appear to be what is popularly known as the end game.

There are still some vestiges of democracy left if you will get off your hands and put them to work

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