Monday, 9 June 2014

Welcome to our world

Just watching tonight's BBC news and the story about the effort to prevent the ascension of Juncker and Cameron's supposed opposition to it. Cameron's comment made me smile. First he gets the idea wrong that somehow the correct process isn't being followed. Well on that front he should visit the blog of one of his constituents over at  Witterings from Witney for a simple lesson in how Frau Merkel is correct in her assertion that Britain doesn't understand the rules. Secondly he bemoans the fact that somehow it wasn't fair that the leaders of constituent countries don't have the say they should be having.

I know you what you mean Dave. It's a proper bitch isn't it having your views ignored by those running the show?

Welcome to our world.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Thank you

I write this brief entry with tears in my eyes. I have just been watching the coverage of today's D-Day ceremony.  I have just witnessed possibly the most humbling thing I will hear.  Three men, veterans who are in their twilight, who owe us nothing, yet who we owe them everything, talking about their duty even today.  Not the duty they had years ago, but the duty they feel they have today.

That duty is to return to Normandy as often as possible to remember their friends.  Those who went ashore or descended from the sky to defend to keep a nation they never saw again, free.

Reflect on that for a while.  Their sense of ongoing duty should humble us all.  The only thing I can say thank you.

If you see someone who stood up to be counted when our nation called, please take the time to say thank you.  Let them know that for all our country is but a shadow of what they hoped their sacrifice would deliver, it was not totally in vain.