Sunday, 29 May 2011

Lighting the Beacons

In times gone by, messages warning of imminent danger could be sent in a variety of ways. They were mostly quite slow.  Usually a letter sent by rider or a telegraph.  The problem came when you needed to send a message to quickly rally a large number of people to defend against a danger or a threat.

One of the first ways developed was the lighting of beacons.  Perched on high ground and visible from miles around these sent messages to call those to defend what they held dear.  During World War Two, the plan was church bells were to be rung continuously to signal the arrival of Germans on British soil.

We have our own version of beacons that we can light.  Our message is slightly different.  Although they exist to alert you to a danger that your normal sources of "news" for some reason won't tell you about, they also bring another message.  The message is that hope exists.  They bring the message that many of us are out their who want our nation back from grip of unrepresentative big government who are taxing us without representing us.  The network of modern day beacons is known as the blogsphere and there owners are lighting them.

So what can you do?  Well first you can visit them.  I've set my blogroll going over on the right hand side.  Take a visit, read and have your eyes opened to what is happening behind your back and being hidden in the pointless news of celebrities.

Richard North is currently compiling a list of more of these blogs.  Visit those.  After that its down to you to pass the message on.  My guess is that you know plenty of people who think the same as you.  You know them from conversation in the pub. You shake your head at the same stories in the news. 

So here's what you do.  Follow the blogs.  Cut and paste the links into emails that you send to your friends.  You can also build your own beacon by creating your own blog and light it by sharing the news you find when you decide to fight the apathy.

All you have to do is decide to rise up off your knees and stand up and begin to speak even if your voice shakes.

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