Thursday, 4 August 2011


Once again for some time my blogging has become non existent.  Not because there's nothing to talk about.  In fact the opposite has been quite true.  To be frank though, the sheer volume of things to take issue with became a combination of overwhelming and seriously depressing.  In many respects I had no appetite to comment on what seemed to be an endless vista of decay in what was once a great nation. What compounded this was that I had serious questions about what I and maybe other bloggers were actually achieving.  We're screaming from the rooftops about the issues, we're commenting on each others blogs.  But some things just continue as they did.  Many in the MSM either fail to report, miss the point altogether or run a counter narrative so that the demoralisation process continues at an unrelenting pace.  Politicians continue to make the same mistakes that will take us to a point where the whole thing goes bang purely because their overriding obsession seems to be themselves and incapable of leadership in what look to be truly serious times.

But worst of all at the moment seem to be the people.  For all the warnings, the people seem to continue to proceed in some sort of coma.  Every so often, one will raise their head and say someone should do something and then return to their powerless lives.

I have seriously questioned what the point is of what I and others do on blogs because I wonder what appetite the nation has to save itself.  To a point I understand it.  They have become in effect veal calves, incapable of standing because their muscles and capability is so tender and weak.  But obviously it leaves me wondering if I am wasting my time and whether my efforts should be focused on other things.  In fact my time away has been spent thinking about potential outcomes of the path we find ourselves on and what actions I should be taking in order to prepare for the various scenarios.  Sometimes I am truly terrified of what might be lying on the road ahead.

Many of us have talked about the farcical handling of the crisis in the Euro and the debts.  We've often used the terms such as Day of reckoning, hang on to your hats , bumpy ride and other such things.  How many of us have seriously sat down and thought what that might mean.  One of the few things we're not hearing about is that the crisis in Greece hasn't just resulted into a dust up on the streets of Athens, there are other aspects.  There has been a rise in in demand on soup kitchens as the bite really takes hold.  There are probably other things as well.  The gist of it all however is that people are unable to cope and are looking to someone else to solve their problem for them because they don't see where they should compromise their expectation of life or because they have no self reliance.

I believe the claims of our government that the crisis will not affect us is laughable.  Like their European counterparts they keep suggesting they have things contained, but I see two things that run counter to this.  The first is that what we seem to have these days are infantile politicians.  Every industry and sector has its chancers - people skilled at sticking a large bore needle in the artery of money that their sector generates, draining it for their own ends.  They posture like leaders, but leadership is not in their skill set.  Such things take work and that is precisely what they wish to avoid.  Their mantra is Money Through Shortcuts.  For me, that is where modern politics is across pretty much the whole spectrum and defines the repeated actions we currently see in their efforts to handle the crisis.  The other thing that runs counter to this, lies outside the mainstream media and is in the view of people such as Golem XIV are comments that the current approaches are laughable and suggestions that we may have passed a point to be able to stop this and that something is coming.  With each phase of the crisis, bloggers have pointed to the potential next stage only to have the so called great and the good tell the world not to be silly.  Yet each of those next phases have gone on to come true as Italy and Spain start to spiral out of control.

It may well affect us all, but what in reality is IT?  How far will it really go?  How deep will it really bite?  What will it really mean for us in our everyday lives?  I take no pleasure in an I told you so attitude. Anytime I spoke of it it was really in the hope that it might wake people up. But I have no certainty that I could achieve that.  So I am left to ponder what might really happen if this thing really does go bang in a world where people have no concept of a major adjustment to their lifestyles.  Will the collapse of the house of cards mean a small adjustment such as a little cutting back on how much we might spend on a meal out? 

Or will it mean something altogether more significant?

And if it does, what will we see in a nation ever more reliant on others to solve our problems if the things we take for granted stop.

And so I keep on wondering where this will really leave us

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  1. This is EXACTLY how I feel. You wonder, what is the point? The horrid truth is, England will continue to fade into this seething mass of hate, self loathing post modern socialism. The country is utterly paralysed. There is no hope whatsoever. Lab/Con wil win the next election and the cycle will begin again. Despite the HUGE problems the country faces (and much of western europe, for the precisely same reasons), there appears to be nothing anyone can do about it. Even if a tiny number of people do want to do something (Duncan Smith/Gove) they are prevented from doing so by a feeble leader and the EU overlords. Which brings me round to my own circle of total despondence. What is the point? The country in general seems to be sleepwalking into despair. Millions of unemplyed underclass roam the streets waiting for their next benefits cheque. Milions of immigrants with no alliegance to the country whatsoever continue to bleed the system dry, taking it for everything they can (I see them do it first hand), driving untaxed, uninsured cars, paying no income tax, no council tax, using the health system and our roads, while the grotesque bloated public sector aided and abetted by the BBC does all it can to continue to justify its own pointless existence and maintain the status quo as it keeps them all in greasy emplyment. We are without hope. Yet, I will be returning to England from my 3 years in Australia in a matter of weeks? Why? I ask myself the same question, but the pull of family and friends remains strong. That said, I lie awake, despairing at what England has becoem while I have been away and I know it is certainly beyond repair.