Thursday, 18 August 2011

British Tea - It really is time

Well what a week or more in which two of our largest chickens have come home to roost.  First we had the riots and now we are seeing another stage in our European financial crisis.  What is worse is we see our politicians responses to them both.  On the riots it seems the big idea is MORE, whether it be more money thrown at the problems of deprivation or more laws and restrictions.  On Europe and the financial crisis, the idea seems to be more as Merkel and Sarkozy seem to want more central control over Europe and pull in those who also sit on the periphery of the Eurozone.  The whole response is akin to trying to hose a fire down with a tanker full of petrol.  Having demonstrated time and time again that these approaches have had no effect other than to destabilise societies, they continue to push for more of it. 

We're heading down the wrong path and it goes to a scary place.  I have no problem with Europe.  It is vital we trade with them, both for our economy and theirs.  For me however there are things which should remain within the control of each individual sovereign nation, powered by their own democracy.  From that base I believe we can create the tools from which each nation, including our own can thrive and the people within it.  I do not believe I am alone in such thinking.  In fact I know I'm not.  I only have to look at the comments under the blog entries on independent bloggers as well as in the comments section on MSM websites, to know that the majority in this country want better.  Better for themselves, their families and their nation.  Yet despite that we continue what appears to be our march into the night.

That march has to stop.  I know when I look at the comments sections, people cry out to Britain to wake up as well as cry that someone should do something.  Although I think he has been a terrible US President, there was one thing that Barack Obama said correctly on his campaign trail when he told the people

"You are the miracle you've been waiting for"

Britain needs renewal on a whole range of fronts.  The first step is to renew our democracy because that is where all the decisions that have surrendered our nation and our sovereignty have taken place, by people who supposedly work for us.  We are being beaten over the head with our own money.  We are being taxed with no representation.  We need to renew our democracy through democratic lawful and legitimate means by holding those to account.  For too long we have shown no interest in politics yet all the time it has taken an interest in us.  The dynamic has been the wrong way round and it can go on no longer. 

In the US the model for this renewal has been ongoing in recent years in the form of the Tea Party movement and it has something we need.  Do not fall for the mainstream categorisation of this movement as full of cranks, racists and extremists as I will explain in future posts because there is much to learn from them as we take our first steps to renewing our country.

But the time is now, not in the future.  The signs are that the future will be too late.  The time is now because there is much to do. 

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