Thursday 25 August 2011

I have a suggestion

Slightly off topic for a blog based on the restoration of Britain to a prosperous and democratic nation, but it caught my eye and sent a chill down my spine.

Looking at various news sites, it seems the hunt for the current / former Libyan leader continues apace and our news teams are eating it up.  Tucked away in much of the current reporting are quotes such as this:

UK Defence Minister Liam Fox has confirmed that NATO is providing intelligence and reconnaissance assistance to rebels hunting Col Gaddafi
That sounds like boots on the ground to me because in all the chaos and the carnage I'm not certain what one could pick out from the sky to help find him.  If there are boots on the ground I would rather they go looking for something else.

It would seem that bodies such IAEA, among others have some concerns about the security of materials related to three decades of nuclear research and radioisotope production that could go into the production of a dirty bomb.  Despite the apparent reassurances by our political leaders there have remained persistent questions about precisely who these that we have been helping to arm are. That combined with the chaos leading to porous borders and a flotilla of refugees to mainland Europe, really makes me think that the hunt for the man with as many name variations as his uniforms should be left to others.  Our recon assistance, should really be chasing more scary stuff.

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