Thursday, 18 August 2011

Calling them out

Watch the video below and think about how it applies to the riots. As you've probably picked up though, it has nothing to do with the UK but at the same time it has everything to do with the UK (h/t Old Holborn)

I know what the story behind this video is. What really makes this video however is that Michael Nutter is the Mayor of Philadelphia. That's right an elected official stands there and tells it how he sees it. The fact that it contains some "uncomfortable" truths for some is what makes it especially powerful. This has nothing to do with the colour of his skin, or the colour of the skin of those the message is aimed at. It is about the fact that someone in office is willing to stand up and have an adult conversation about the nature of the problems that we face as society, something that our elected elite seems to want to avoid at all costs, reinforcing the notion that our a streak of infantalisation runs right through our elite.

Michael Nutter - you keep telling it like you see it!

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