Friday, 12 August 2011


Yesterday I was over at Inspector Gadget looking at the video below and reading the comments (which given their number, took an age):

Now to be honest I know nothing of the bloke and don't really know if he had a legitimate gripe with the police or not. This isn't a post about that.

What I was looking at during this guys rant, was the crowd around him and the police's reaction to him. Whilst the police stood there and essentially didn't react, I looked at the crowd around them, smirking, smiling and laughing whilst the officers just stood there and took it.

My thinking soon drifted to wonderment of what would happen to the crowd if they had to stand there and have someone tell them a few own truths. Would they be able just to stand there and not react or would they just "gob off" as they do to try and deflect any criticism of themselves.

How would they handle someone railing at them with someone not really holding back. How about having Pat have a dig at them like this (assuming they could understand the big words):

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