Monday, 8 August 2011

Poverty Enablers

Although it comes from the US, once again we see we have parallels with them in the problems they face.  After we have our riots, we have an emerging narrative where key players with vested political interests decide to start harping on about cuts that only exist in political rhetoric.  These people  have touted themselves as the answer to their prayers if only they would vote for them.

Unfortunately such groups have been voting for them for as long as they can remember.  The result?  Well in short, nothing ever changes and that's just the way those vested political interests like it.  For them the promised land is always just over the next hill and a vote for them will get the oppressed there - until such time as they get over that hill and it then moves to just over the next hill.

In reality these people are poverty enablers.

I'll leave Bill Whittle to explain it.

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