Sunday, 9 December 2012

Touching Your Soul

A change of tack today (and maybe for the rest of the month), thanks to a strange train of thought.

I'm a big critic of the BBC in it's current form, especially it's news output which I take to be left leaning and as such manipulative.  That said when they get it right they make some wonderful television.  On Friday I happened to catch their fly on the wall documentary about Westminster Abbey and listening to the work of the choir.

Personally I am a believer in the Christian faith.  I don't much worry if others are not as long as they are honest people with a personal code of ethics to live an honourable life and to on the whole, do the right thing.  It's a choice for each and every one of us.  That's all I'm going to offer on the matter.

What I particularly enjoyed was listening to the beauty of the choir singing in such fantastic architecture.  It's a hugely powerful combination.

It got me thinking about content for the blog at this time of year.  There's endless corruption and inversion of the truth to keep me writing endlessly 24/7 and it's something I'm not even making a dent it.

With that in mind I decided to have a change of tack.  I'm going for uplifting.  As such I give you this video of a Christmas flash mob.  I thought it was a lovely juxtaposition.  Set in the middle of a shopping centre (mall for my US cousins), it seemed apt that something so fine should reach into the belly of mammon and uplift the lives of people lost to modern times.

As you watch it, listen to those voices and look at the faces of the young.  I've watched this video for a couple of years now and each time, it reaches right in to me and touches my soul.  Right there you see people worth saving.  Look at the parents, explaining lovingly.  Look at the recognition in the eyes of the people that our lives can be a thing of wonder.  It's a thing of pure beauty.  Forget all the bread and circus cr*p that gets shovelled into our minds.


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