Friday, 28 December 2012


In Thursday's Express, columnist Leo Mckinstry has written a piece about our the farce that is our welfare state.  Unfortunately I can't place a link as it does not appear to have made it to their website yet.

One of the most telling lines within it is that Ed Milliband has denounced every single one of the coalition proposals for welfare reform. 

I would agree with this and McKinstry doesn't push this narrative too far further.  Ordinarily I might take the unsaid things to task, but today I won't.  Sometimes it is vital that a message is made simple so that everyone can get it and get angry about it because they bloody well should.

So here's something I found.  Again it's from across the pond but it speaks as much for most governments and tells in beautiful clarity why welfare reform is everyone's business.

 please note I do not claim any credit or copyright for this image.  If the owner wishes a credit or removal, please contact me.

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