Saturday, 22 December 2012

Back to business

Well, as should be obvious by now, we didn't go bang.  For those thinking the Mayans got it wrong I will defend them and say they didn't.  They didn't say anything about going bang - they just ended their "calendar".  It was the rest of us that filled in the gaps.  There were a lot of clues that suggested we might not be in for  the end.  The biggest clue being that none of our publicity seeking politicians called for an enquiry or seemed to have anything to say on the subject in general.

So we're back to getting on with the business of Christmas.  It's a good job too, because in her column in the Mail, Amanda Platell comments on a survey that suggests most people no longer know the words to Christmas carols.  You'll have to scroll down to the bottom if you want to read it.

So I'm doing my bit.  Below is a video from Kings College Cambridge. It will become obvious that Platell's story is about not knowing the words and yet there are no subtitles in this video.  However, unlike the nanny state I will credit your ability to work out for yourself that all you need to do to learn the words is to listen to these fine voices. It will add to your enjoyment too.

ps - as with all other video and photographs on this site, I claim no copyright. Should the owners wish me to acknowledge or remove the content, I will do so.

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