Saturday, 29 December 2012

I won't

Following on from my last post I stumbled upon another piece from our US cousins that applies equally to us and most other nations.  I don't watch Judge Judy (which is what this video seems to be) but this is a great example of all that is wrong.

I would say listen to just how wrongheaded the logic is, but there is no logic.  The fact that the money is both help and for a specified purpose simply does not register.  All this person can see is that it's money and it's "his".  In his mind there's no need for accountability.

There's just too much of this  It's a thinking that pervades in our society today. Our man here has gone beyond seeing this as welfare. This is now money he's entitled to for whatever he sees fit.  It's the "I'm owed" mindset and we can all point to some of this suggesting that its quite a pervasive way of thinking.

Of course in any society there is "I can't" and that is what the welfare state is for.  But this video isn't I can't.  This video is I won'tI won't eventually generalises into I'm owed because I won't requires you to face up to some stark truths about yourself and that's a bit too close for comfort, so we have to turn it around and make like we're victims of something other than feathering our nests.

The problem is it will cripple us in ways we cannot begin to imagine.

Worse still my notion isn't rocket science.  Everyone grasps it because they can see.  The only people who won't seem to mention it is politicians and that's for at least two reasons.  Firstly there are no votes in it.  Secondly and despite their overuse of the word leadership, we simply do not have people running the show with the courage and vision to get this nation on it's feet again.

You / we have to turn this thinking around because without it we will never see a single cut back simply because there are no votes in it.  To fail to do so has grave consequences. Endless spending and increases will break the system and whilst the truly vulnerable will lose out, the I can'ts won't know how to cope either and because their first response in all things is to take what's not theirs, the violence will start.

Of course that might suit the advocates of the Cloward Piven strategy just fine


Before any trolls decide this video is a race thing - forget it. It isn't and any attempt by such people to claim it is, is just flat out wrong and makes you a disgrace. I don't care what colour a person is. I care about what people do that makes them honest and upright and what they contribute to this nation in order to keep it on the right track. So you can take your Frankfurt School agitprop elsewhere

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