Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Beating the WGAFA Point

As I pointed out in my earlier post I am following on from Wittering Witney's suggestion that independent bloggers should point to Richard North's profiles of the MP's who voted (scandalously in my opinion) to commit an extra £9.2 billion of taxpayers / borrowed money to the IMF.  There are 274 of them so it may take some time.

As readers of some of my other posts will note, I'm advocating a form of localism in which MP's and local officials are held to account on a battleground where the people have real power - within their constituencies where the MP is outnumbered and the people have the votes.  It is here that there place at the trough can be awarded on our terms and not theirs.  With that in mind I've included the link to the voting record on this one so that readers can start to put their behaviour in the local spotlight.  This is so it can be done before it hits what I have referred to in my last post as the WGAFA point.

Here's the voting - where did your MP stand on the decision with your money?:


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