Friday, 15 July 2011

Don Cameron - we make the peace

I'm a particular fan of the Godfather trilogy of films. I even like the much criticised Godfather 3.  For those who haven't seen the films, there is understandably a common theme of betrayal as elements around and within Michael Corleone look to grow their own power, over that of the Godfather.  The ending is always the same.  The Godfather, seems to wish to "make the peace" with his known betrayers and appears conciliatory towards them.  However in the final scenes of each film the Godfather launches a display of his power with a multiple attacks, wiping out all his enemies.

You may be asking what that has to do with anything.  Well I'm thinking about this as I read the news that James & Rupert Murdoch have done a U turn and have agreed to meet a parliamentary committee over the hacking scandal when they were originally unavailable.  Let me make it clear from the outset that I am not accusing the Murdochs of being mafioso nor suggesting that they are involved in murder. I am simply examining a parallel of a powerful organisation under attack by short sighted power players.

But there is something ticking over in my mind.  Our politicians and aspects of the mainstream media are crowing over the idea that they have somehow brought the Murdoch empire to its knees.  Our politicians have been especially smug (is it possible for them to ever grow any smugger?) and have almost been trampling over each other to get some air time to go public and lay into Murdoch on national TV.  Even Brown pulled himself away from whatever it is he is doing to actually turn up in Parliament as he is paid to do by the taxpayer (although it wasn't to represent his constituents) to lay into Murdoch. 

I'm wondering how permanent a victory this will be for our MP's.  They're quick to jump on a bandwagon but their long term vision isn't up to much.  Murdoch however is a clever man who plays the long game.  They may well see his u turn to attend the committee as a sign of their ascendancy over his.  I wonder if there is something else involved. It all just feels too easy with the decision to attend the committee looking nothing like the suggestion that they were dragged there in chains.

My questions are this. Are we at the point where Murdoch is making the peace whilst he prepares his next move?  Are we in a period where either the Murdoch media empire and the criticised press simply taking note of those MP's who broke cover so that they could start digging around for their dirty laundry with a plan to trip them up with their own hubris?

Will we be facing a run of by elections in the not too distant future?

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