Friday, 27 May 2011

So, where do we start?

It doesn't take much looking beyond the mainstream media to know that something is very very wrong.  Worse still it is wrong in so many areas and can look overwhelming. The question becomes where do you start.  This is something I've struggled with for a while now.  Desperate that something should be done and feeling somewhat isolated I struggled to get a foothold from which I could begin the journey.

The first ray of light came from the words in a blog by Captain Ranty. I was particularly moved by the simplicity of the words "Do something, say something, tell someone" and later followed by the words "stop telling yourself that a hero heads this way.  The hero was here all along".  In other words if were all waiting for someone else to do it, it will never get done.  More often than not we're all waiting for that hero to come along out of a fear that we're all alone.  The thing is, once we peel back the layers of news from the mainstream media, we see that there are many more of us out there, sick to the back teeth of the way our country is going and how our politicians fail to act on any of it because they've simply lost sight of the fact that they work for us. So we're not alone we must simply start to go to work on this problem.

As luck would have it I came across other similar posts on other blogs.  First I came across this entry at the Witterings from Witney blog covering two subjects that I feel are pivotal in our efforts to restore Britain.  Shortly afterwards I noticed that Richard North at EUReferendum had also picked up on the subject matter.  And so it begins.

The key is that we must start the work to restore the nation by speaking even if our voice shakes.  I understand that we need confidence.  That confidence comes in numbers and that we must find a way to tackle what appears to be an insurmountable task.  The numbers come if people start to become active.  The risk to that is that people will not start if the task appears too large.  There is however hope that Richard North has touched upon in his entry.

Our political class has lost sight of the people who put them there.  To a point we are paying the price for our own lack of interest.  They have become more interested in the contents of the trough in which their snouts are firmly embedded because they know that we are not watching in any way that threatens their place at the trough.  Some are beyond redemption.  Others, however only carry on with indifference to us because they think we're not looking or holding them to account.  If that were to change, then those for whom there is hope could be brought back into line.

So how to bring about change?.  Well we need to understand our strength and their fear.  Their fear is a simple one - the removal of their place at the trough.  What many of them value more than anything is the status quo - blind voting along party lines that ensures that they continue to be able to gorge themselves on what we keep feeding them, which is money. Our strength, the thing they need to ensure their place at the trough is our vote.  We can take that away and redirect if necessary.

At present it isn't being used in a powerful way and that needs changing which comes about with a slight change of focus.  We currently vote with a national mindset but our power comes when we start acting locally.  The real threat to any MP who has lost sight of who he or she works for is a local threat.  If a bloc can be grown locally the power shifts from the MP to the voters.  Power comes back to the people and as Richard North points out, power is a numbers game.

So we start locally.  Knowing that moves us forward.  There's more to come and I'll keep adding it here.

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