Wednesday, 27 August 2014

The Stench in Britain's Air.

I suspect the blogosphere will be alive with posts around the release of the report into the Rotherham child sex abuse scandal and rightly so. They will cover it just like the mainstream media. There will however be a difference. The mainstream media will have surprise and shock as their themes. I suspect there won't be so much shock in the blogs. Revulsion yes, shock no. This is primarily because blogs have been writing about the poisonous effects of political correctness for a long time now. Whilst the press will write of it as though there was some unintended consequence of this well meaning and benign approach, bloggers will openly point to the deliberate design of political correctness as a tool to smash the societal cohesion of western nations. They will tell you that any degree of thought will show that what came out yesterday was entirely predictable.

But that's only part of it. If you haven't already, read the report I urge you to do so for it tells you something else it tells another story of this nation about where we are. Excuse my language but there's a stench of shit in the air. That stink is our nation and what it has become. Read the report and it will tell you about how pervasive in public life vanity, cowardice and rampant self interest has become. There is evidence aplenty in this report. People who can't recall meetings. Case files that laid bare he problem that went "missing". People in key places when presented with evidence crying out for action and it swept away in various fashions and attacking the messenger. Anything to make it go away and pretend it wasn't happening. In one of the worst examples (and I recall this story from when the scandal first broke) of a father who tried to rescue his daughter from one place where knew his daughter was being arrested by the police in what I can only imagine was a nightmare of kafkaesque proportions given the inversion of his reality. Even now, everyone's sort of sorry but nobody is really paying any price. The council leader has fallen on his sword, but so what he's just out of a job. There are whole lives and families that have been smashed laid waste, but it's just another day at the office for everyone else.

At the heart of this lies a group of people who talk about public service but know nothing of it. The problems here are about people who got in , got comfy and wanted nothing of the responsibility of serving the public. In their eyes, the public are there to serve them. I'm not saying everyone. Just a hard core of people who's rampant self interest trumps everything. No scandal must land at their door. No responsibility must be faced. They must bask in nothing but glory as they shin ever upwards on the greasy pole. The only responsibility they want to is to have eye catching initiatives brought to them, to keep them in their gilded position.  That is why everything inconvenient had to sink in the mud, that's why it had to dissappear. That's why the coercion of staff to go away and come back with the "right" answer happened. That's why files disappeared along with memories. That's why police officers ran away from their oath of office and that's why wretched souls had to go on getting abused both sexually and violently and the lives of they and their families ripped apart. All so vain and inept  people who were never fit for higher office could keep their fragile egos intact. people who should today be prison cells with their self constructed reputations in tatters.


  1. Standards in this country continue to slide inexorably around the U-bend of life's toilet.

  2. The malaise is incredible but more incredible are those denying there is or ignoring it.

  3. While I agree with you in principle; I think you missed a key point. The ‘system’ creates this mindset!

    If any of these public servants had shown some compassion, some intelligence, some decency, some initiative, some humanity, some common sense BUT ran up against the Medusa of political correctness then their careers would have been frozen.

    On the other hand if they obey the rules, even if untold harm is done to others, then they are ‘good’ public servants (for staying with the rules) and they still have a career and will be promoted. Don’t forget that their superiors got where they are by worshipping at the altar of political correctness also!

    Unfortunately people like you and me have to realise that the Judeo-Christian morality of mid-20th century Western civilization has passed. What we (you and I) call political correctness is now the new morality of our society. For example it is now considered a more heinous crime to call someone a naughty name than to kick them into a coma! At least it would be punished more severely. I do not understand this.

    I do not know what the solution is, but I wish you well in your attempt at ‘restoring Britain’.