Saturday, 16 August 2014

Defensive Positions

For those of us who love our nation and what it once was and what it once stood for, we lament on a regular basis of what it has become. We look around in a bewildered fashion at everything that has gone wrong and it is pretty much everything. I suspect many of us cast our minds to the graves of men who died for us across the world and feel a sense of shame in what has happened to their sacrifice. From the top to the bottom, our nation is broken and it desperately needs fixing.

Many of us know what lies at the heart of it. Our politics and more importantly our culture has been collapsed from the within. Men and women who ascribed to a wrongheaded philosophy that started its journey in Frankfurt have spent decades slowly working their way through every aspect of our lives and our institutions right across the western world. Whilst we stood with guns and armour pointing at the overt manifestation of their political creed, seemingly everyday folk walked through our defences and in to our institutions, quietly coming at us from another angle. We did not notice them in action and here we are today with the result. The subtle were they, their language and viewpoints have become disguised as mainstream thought with even those who would opposed them, inadvertently advancing their agenda.

If we want to conceptualise it for the sake of what I'm about to write let's call it left v right. Yes there are nuances and extremes within both of them, but in order to simplify we'll go with this. They are on the left with us on the right.

When we look at the success on the left we are often bewildered. That's because too many times we're looking in the wrong place when we're trying to diagnose what went wrong. Why? In part because we never examine ourselves on the right as part of that assessment.

Our fundamental problem is our approach. In left versus right arguments and philosophies, we come at form different viewpoints and it's the heart of why we're losing. We tend to offer evidence for our arguments. We think the general good sense of our arguments and proposals are so self evident that others will see the sense of them and follow suit. More often than not, they are self evident so such a belief is not without sense to a point. Except for one fact. The left are not one bit interested in whether such things are self evident. They are fighting by a totally different set of rules in this war.

They brought totally different set of weapons and we're losing. We're on a battleground and we've no idea what the rules are. We're arguing and they're punching. Whilst we don't understand our battleground and any strategist will tell you the inevitable result will be defeat. We don't need a strategist to tell us though, the evidence is all around us. In short, the left get it and we don't. They're winning and we're losing.

Again, to a point, our approach is understandable. Our general philosophy of small state, personal responsibility, general stop interfering in everyone's lives has made it such that the way we have conducted ourselves to this point is an extension of that philosophy. It's costing us however and we will never see our vision come to fruition if we carry on the way we have.

We need to change. We need to wake up and identify the ground we're fighting on. We need to reform and find ways to make forward. Our hands have been raised whilst they've been throwing punches.

It's time to punch back (metaphorically, of course)

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  1. One side, sadly, is not in agreement on that. I've been one sticking the boot in to them of late.