Monday, 26 May 2014

Palpable Fear

Well, the results are pretty much finalised across Europe and it's clear something is happening. Although I think some of the pundits are getting ahead of themselves, playing numbers games, it's evident the apple cart has been upset.

I suspect someone's worst fears are coming true. They feared it before the election. I've been critical of  UKIP and remain so for a variety of reasons. However what went before the elections in terms of the slew of stories and adverse publicity being run endlessly, looked like a coordinated stitch up job. Someone wanted them stopped.

Yet it failed. What happened spoke to something I've often talked about. What the result started to demonstrate was that in the right mind, the sovereign people can make all the best laid plans of the self regarding elite irrelevant. It seems apt that last night, the TV laid on V for Vendetta. At the end in which the best laid plans melted into nothing, because the people chose not to heed the message and followed their own minds. Just as in the movie, this weeks voters, just swamped the barricades and made their game irrelevant.

There are some worrying signs across Europe with the rise of some more extremist elements, with some very dark views. I worry about that and I hope they fizzle out as I have no truck with extremism of any ilk. However I think some of their rise was inevitable and their success is the product of hard left thinking. For many years good, ordinary decent people of all social classes had concerns about the way things were going in their nations as groups looked to smash the nation state concept. Those good people tried to ask fair questions about the people coming into their nations only to have political correctness shout them down and treat them like pariahs to cower them into submission. They left it open for those with darker ambitions to exploit those good people as the seemingly only open outlet for those ambitions. It didn't have to be this way if fair and honest debate had been permitted. But it wasn't and now we see what we see.

What will follow I cannot say, but I suspect there are lots of frantic calls, meetings and murmurings today and in the days to follow. My fervent hope is that what follows will be for good and the start of a return to legal, decent, open and honest democracy.

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