Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Just in case...

The Israel/Palestine situation has a habit of polarising viewpoints. Unfortunately many have come to a view of the situation that paints a romanticised picture of David and Goliath type struggle. If you spend any real time digging around, things aren't all that straightforward.

Part of the problem is the media and our own BBC has played a part in that.

It's for that reason I post today's entry. My prediction might prove wrong, but I post it anyway because it's a common method the media have used in the past.

There is a story that isn't on the BBC website and hasn't been as far as I can see. It's the story of an attack by a Palestinian, that has resulted in the death of an Israeli. The attack killed the Israeli after the Palestinian fired around 35 shots with what is believed to be a Kalashnikov on the eve of Passover.

Israel Hebron attack

I raise this and it's absence for two reasons. One because it's curious by its absence as the BBC Middle East news section is a prolific reporter of Israeli Palestinian issues (yet I suspect I know why). Two, because I'm waiting for the subsequent hunt of the killer resulting in some form of gun battle that will result in Palestinian injuries or death and they possibly other issues. It's at that point I suspect we will see reports with the focus on the Israeli attack.

For those who are watchers of this, it's often referred to as "it all started when Israel struck back".

Israel / Palestine is a complex situation, not helped by media manipulating  the story to consistently paint Israel as the bad guy. There's a lot more to it than that and it will not be resolved with infantile game playing.

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