Sunday, 20 April 2014

Do you see it?

First, may I wish everyone a Happy Easter. I hope today you will all be blessed with good company and happiness and laughter.

Now, however I want to turn to something else, something I turn to so often, because, I believe it's vital to see it.

If you've watched the movie, The Passion of the Christ, you will know the thread I'm talking about. Regardless of what you feel about the director, Mel Gibson, he wove into the story a very clever depiction of  Satan.  He did it on two levels. Firstly he cast Rosalindo Celentano and shaved her head and eyebrows. The aim, to create his vision of the devil as something that on one level has an allure, but something isn't quite right at the same time. Secondly and more importantly, is the fact that there are several scenes, where the devil moves obviously through the crowd in plain sight, yet it seems, no one in the crowd can see him. That is my point today and everyday I write this type of post. If you look, you can see something very wrong playing out in front of, yet we seem to fail to recognise it for what it is. Somehow we prefer to see it as some kind of benign lunacy, when it is anything but. What we see today, is written in the plans of twisted people from many years.

I give you four stories / blog posts.

Story one

Story two

Story Three

Story Four

Yes, I know most of them are from the Daily Mail and I acknowledge that, but it does not reduce the fact that there is something very telling in them.

Stories one and two show us how far we have fallen as a individuals and how our structures that keep society on an even keel have collapsed. The prison story is not an accident. Prison was meant to be a corrective institution, in part to punish offenders and in part to rehabilitate them to rejoin society as productive individuals once again. Yet look where we are with that.  That doesn't just happen, someone has to permit that to happen.  The other story, is bordering on vomit inducing. That someone could consider abortion so casually for the pursuit of z list celebrity and a pink Range Rover, gives you a clue to the level of aspiration of its population and the everyday thought processes. That in turn gives you a picture of something else - the structures and the culture. You don't just wake up thinking like this. You have to pass through a culture and institutions that mould you into this way of thinking and reward it at every twist and turn.

These are not isolated stories either. Examples and tales like these crop up almost daily. They point to components of our culture that are endemic.

Of course this brings something else - a dumbed down society. This is the dismantling of critical thinking. A nation that has it's critical reasoning skills dismantled in sufficient numbers can have anything foisted upon it. It starts failing to see when something obvious is walking in its midst, doing its work.

Which brings us to story three. A dumbed down nation takes what it is fed at face value. One like ours has become hooked on electronic media. We have an addiction to the electronic mogadon in the corner of our lounges  and we are fed on the prevailing viewpoint and culture of instant celebrity, inane soap operas pushing the boundaries of constant misery and conflict. Added to that, our state broadcaster has which is increasingly becoming viewed as a propaganda service for the prevailing culture within it.

All of this brings us to story four. It is not the calls for stoning etc that I pick up on, but the method of influence, because it illustrates the point I struggle to get people to see without them perceiving me as some form of tin foil hat wearing type. The Trojan horse method that is the background to this story is a very real concept. It's the way they move through the crowd to do their work. It's a politically neutral concept too. Move silently and almost imperceptibly with enough people turning this and changing that over sufficient number of years, with enough people and you can change anything right before a nations eyes and they won't spot a thing until it's too late and they're no longer in any shape to stop it. Those that can spot it and would like to change it, can't because they either appear outnumbered, the struggle is on too many fronts for their numbers, or they daren't rock the boat for fear of being perceived as nutters, because to do so would be believed to be conspiracy theorist and we all know what the world thinks of them.

I've joined the dots on four stories today to paint a picture of manipulation that sounds like pure fantasy. For those however who have eyes who wish to see and those who have hears and wish to hear - go on a journey of your own. Look up The Frankfurt School and look up The Long March Through the Institutions.

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