Sunday, 2 February 2014

Right on the Money

Although it's taken me a few days to get to it Raedwald hit the nail on the head with this post about Barroso's cabinet.  It's a fantastic summation that the people of Britain and Europe need to understand.  I've put the image on here also (Based on Raedwald's post I think I'm allowed to, but if asked to remove I will do and you can certainly go get it directly from his place).

I think it's right on the money for a number of reasons.  As bloggers we moan endlessly about a mainstream media asleep at the wheel in their role of holding the elected (or unelected) to account.  Honesty, enquiry and integrity have all gone out of the window.  As such everything that is wrong with the nation and its politics is getting a free ride.  When you throw into the same mix, a disinterested population who have been taught to do no more than worship celebrity from A-Z (and even lower) and obsess over things like X-Factor, you find a nation and a world like we have now.  For those of us with an eye more on the horizon than on the TV listings, the journey looks dark and scary and unlikely to end well for everyone everywhere.

The answer in reality is to prove their dominance irrelevant.  They're a handful of people and in reality we are legion.  Whilst we continue to bemoan them, we (and this means everyone) need to decide to bypass them.  They're not interested in picking up our message so rather than go through them, going round them is the answer.

There are lots of ways round that I'm sure, but Raedwald has commented on one method with that picture.

Given where our people are with awareness of what's going on, it has to be simple so that everyone can get it.  There's a phrase somewhere about not feeding people bread when they are only able to tolerate milk.  That applies right now for us. We don't have the 50 years or so it will take through the existing routes.  Something needs to start shifting soon in the nation's psyche.

The messages need to start to come out, simple, clear, unambiguous and punchy.  Nobody could fail to understand the message from that picture and that is key.  Stuff like this needs to start getting out to everyone. Do that enough and the drip drip drip of it will start reaching the people.  Do that and we'll start to make the uniformed half truths and outright lies of mainstream media irrelevant.

And how could the everyday man & woman in the street do that.  Well next time you think of sending those funny emails on to your like minded friends, you could send one with that picture in it, although I grant you it will wipe the smile of their faces.

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