Saturday, 10 August 2013

The British Interest

A trip round the blogs can be a somewhat depressing experience.  You could be forgiven for thinking they're the work of eternal pessimists creating a world of endless melancholy. This is wrong, that's wrong, this person is a light, an imbecile, a buffoon, we're kicking the can down the road and so on and so forth.  It's not depressing because they're depressives.  It's depressing because they are bang on the nail.  In short they're right.

They're right because it's all going wrong.  It's bad everywhere.  We have problems created by malign intent hubris and ineptitude.  What's worse is that we keep going to the same idiots, both malign and "useful" to try and solve them. I honestly can't list all the different types of lunatic running the asylum.  The reality is, it's just a big stinking mess.  Even worse than that, it's not just here, it's everywhere.  The same class of person has risen to influential roles in too many countries across the planet.  The downside to that last observation is that it leaves us in avery precarious situation for a reason I'll explain shortly.

I recently got to thinking this way after reading a series of posts.  What it got me to thinking was our role in the general population in this downfall.  We've been making mistakes and our mistakes have been twofold.  Firstly we have been presuming the cavalry is out there ready to rescue us from this disaster and secondly we have presumed that to be the same faces we keep getting presented with in influential postions.

The reality is, that right now, there is no cavalry.  We are in serious times yet there would appear to be no serious people right now in the top roles, making the big decisions or at least not in sufficient numbers.  There is (not only here) but across the world a pervasive presence of people not cut out to deal with what is all around us, immediately before us and also down the road we are currently travelling along.  We have for the most part a breed of politician, for the most part, in it for themselves.  This is reflected in their short term decisions that have worse consequences further down the line.  This is reflected in their lies about the truth of a situation just to prevent them looking bad.

Then there are the malign people.  I've written about them before.  Those who wish for bad things to happen to this country because they believe it will bring about a socialist utopia.  They're not a myth, they're real and their writings exist to prove their plan (but they're for another post). Unfortunately their utopia will not come about, because it simply isn't a utopia.  History has proven that time and time again.  Usually somewhere along the way their end point sees the rise of a dictatorship, followed by some of the darkest points in human history.  Why people want to take us there I will never know. These  people right now are engineering their game or playing the role of useful idiot.  What makes this a problem is the influencial cretinocracy are mixng this group's work into their cocktail of lunacy that they call policy making, either out of fear of the pressure they will bring, short term interest or the stupidity in their thinking.

So we have imbeciles and we have malign people who want to crash this nation running the show.  Bad enough you might think, but you may recall I mentioned the internation dimension I mentioned earlier.  I give you two stories I saw earlier this week that started to give me some of my foundation thoughts for this post.  Firstly there was this post over at Autonomous Mind about one rule for them and another for us and then this one over at The Slog about changes to EU financial rules about how banking rules could be changed.  Although not directly related, they got me thinking back to something Dr Richard North said many months ago on his blog about events. Events affect us personally and international events often impact on us back here in Britain. This international dimension brings additional problems for us to deal with.  Our domestic problems often come about either solely because of this international aspect such as our presence in the EU or they magnify our domestic issues.

We're in a dark place and heading to a darker one, with the tools and the thinking we currently employ. Given the interdependence of it all, the international issues are not good for Britain and our issues are not good for the world.  We need to change and we need a plan.

To many, that plan is we need to get out of the EU.  The trouble is, for many that is where the plan ends.  Leave and all will be happy.  I couldn't agree more with the leaving bit but I'm certainly not of the view that simply by leaving, all will be happy.  The plan can not end there.  It has to be a stage in a grander plan.  You have to have a plan for what next. You cannot leave and then go "now what?" You have to know what the next step is before you even embark on that journey and right now we don't really have one.

Apart from a few, too many of us are looking in the wrong place for our plan.  We're looking at the existing political parties UKIP included to get us out of the hole.  They not the people we need to rely on.  They haven't really shown any grasp of what next.  If they had any seriousness about getting out, we would see them setting the foundations now and we have nothing.  Yes they're making big blustery noises but you have to ask yourself what has really changed?  If you were truly honest you would have to say very, very little has changed.

I'm at risk of going off on a tangent here becuase this has been occupying my mind a lot recently and there are lots of threads to it.  As a result I'm going to try and bring it back to my key point for this post.

It is simply this.  A change must begin and begin now.  It must be a plan that is about the British Interest.  Britain needs to set itself back on path based on its own wellbeing.  It needs to become influential and prosperous once again. It needs to be focussed on its own concerns, its own prosperity and its own strength and most importantly, that of its people.  Do this and we will start to establish the foundations for what happens after an EU exit.  Do this and we will start to become stong and prosperous again.  Do this and we will be much more likely to steady the ship.  If we can steady our ship, international events of all kinds will be felt less keenly at home.  In our interdependent world, if we're steady, it reduces the chance of additional turmoil elsewhere.  In other words - a stable Britain is good for the wider world.

To realise that is the easy part.  Getting on with it is another thing.  I partly say that because as is clear from this post that is not what we currently have that will get us there.  As I mentioned ealrier, if you're looking there, you're looking in the wrong place.  Most of them aren't currently up to that job and more importantly given the size of the change required, there aren't enough of them.  To find who is required, you simply need to look in the mirror.  It's going to need every single one of us.  There's lots to do and it needs us all pulling on the rope.  It needs numbers.  We can't run and hide because it's simply not an option.  The place we're heading to is not prosperity but poverty and if we don't play a part in the turnaround, we too will get caught up it.  We can't put our hands over our eyes and ears going "lalalalalala" hoping it will go away. It won't. We're too far gone for that.

It's time to plant that flag again Britain and declare you believe in your country once again.


  1. I have long belief that we need the sort of relationship with the EU that Norway has. Not in the EU but with a free trade agreement.

    After all, I seem to remember we were asked to join the Common Market not the United States of Europe. Heath sold us a pup and knew it. A simple act of treason.

    Norway has to comply with EU regs to be able to sell it's goods to them, but that's it. They control their own borders and make their own laws. If they can do it, then we can. The only problem is the Europhiles that control us who, I suspect, have agendae of their own?

  2. Great post.

    No accident:

    The same class of person has risen to influential roles in too many countries across the planet.