Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Food for thought

Firstly can I say thank you for those who visited my previous post.  More importantly can I say thank you to Old Rightie and to Nourishing Obscurity for showing them the way to my little outpourings.  It was a welcome boost to something I threw in the bin a few short months ago.

Moving on from that it got me thinking, what next and a quick trip round other blogs came me a slightly diversionary idea which I've started working on, but I do want to keep on with some of the theme that I mentioned in that previous post.

Because I'm a little short of time right now, I want to hand the show over to someone who is always good value in the form of Bill Whittle and a speech he gave last November.  Some may say that I always seem to pick American videos and that's true.  There's something about them that shows something I haven't seen in British grassroots politics (not to say that it doesn't exist).  It points to high production values which says something in its own right.  It just looks a little more organised and both of those things help the message resonate more with an audience.  Bill has some interesting things to say in this hour that have parallels with this country.

Of course what you think of it is up to you.  I hope you enjoy it.

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