Sunday, 4 September 2011

What a Loveley Analogy

Taking my morning trip through the digital news, I came across a story in the Mail which possibly gives some insight into why the Home Secretary scuppered Cameron's plans to have former New York Police Chief William Bratton take over at the met

Essentially it seems he had the temerity to tell a politician that through his experience that her ideas were wrong.  It seems debate is not what they want and experience counts for nothing.  I'm going to stop myself  now because this wasn't the point of my post.

In the comments section below is the real point of this post which went like this:

We could blame Theresa May - or we could blame ourselves. The three party system - long ago became a parody of the ' magic roundabout '. You vote for one of the three parties - you get your ticket and step onto the roundabout. It has no destination - it's never going anywhere - and is simply destined for all eternity - to go round in circles. Theresa May is simply - just another passenger - and we paid for her ticket.

Beautiful.  Just Beautiful.  Couldn't have put "Jack Russell's" view of modern politics better myself.

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