Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Metal on Metal

A few years ago I had a car, courtesy of my job.  Shortly after it's service I'm driving along and a terrible knocking sound can be heard, the car started rocking violently and I nursed it home.  I called The AA to come take a look.  The AA man told me there was no oil in it and the noise was down to metal components knocking on each other with no oil to lubricate it.  This really buggered things up with a broken piston arm.  I needed a new engine.

Why am I telling you this?  Well, as someone who enjoys writing, I'm particularly drawn to metaphors and parallels.  This one felt very timely given the evolving news over at The Slog.  There are a good few posts covering the emerging problem..

Who knows?  By the time you're finished reading you won't need the man from The AA to tell you the engine may well have broken a piston and blown a gasket. It will be obvious.

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  1. Moe than a new engine needed - a melting down of the old required.