Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Those Progressives Eh?

There was a post yesterday over at Nourishing Obscurity which commented on the shiftiness of progressives in comment posts in the mainstream media.  Their argument as James points to has a habit of jumping around. It's true.  They do jump around.  Not finishing one argument before going somewhere else and before you know you're miles from the main point and you give up and walk away from these fools.

James hits the nail on the head when he points to the deliberateness of it. It's easy to think they're just morons but that would be underestimating them.  It's just one of their ploys to win the argument.  They want to leave you trying to plat smoke.

Why. Because they don't want you near facts that cant doctor and alter.  They're not interested in being right, they just want to win. If you can't get to the heart of the matter, you can't win which leaves them with their other favourite tactic, declaring themselves hands down winners of the battle for the moral high ground on the basis of no evidence whatsoever.

Our mistake is to fall for it and let them dictate the terms. They don't want you near the facts because they are like Kryptonite to them.  One subject you get this in the US is one the subject of gun control. It's popular with the American left and they love to manipulate a tragedy to push the idea home. If you want an example of why they argue the way they do, Bill Whittle whips out the Krypton and demonstrates quite clearly why they don't want you getting to the unadulterated facts.

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