Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Some rape is okay people...

...or so it would seem. It would seem that following Judy Finnigan's controversial comments about footballer Ched Evans on Loose Women, Her daughter, Chloe has received a ton of abuse on Twitter ( sorry having linking problems today for some reason). Within that it's reported that a number of them are hoping that she gets raped. Pretty vile sentiments I'm sure you would agree.

Strange that isn't it. There's outrage at Finnigan was for having a conversation about it. I think she was  daft bringing it up, because the subject is a vile one and provokes strong feelings and no matter how well intentioned. I suspect there's nobody in the world with the verbal dexterity to speak about this without provoking understandable fury.

But how odd it is that from that angry crowd, for whom there is total intolerance (a sentiment I would share), their response is to wish the very thing they so abhor on someone. Is their argument that it's okay in such cases if they give it the nod?

What was it former radical left winger David Horrowitz said? Inside every liberal is a tyrant screaming to get out.


  1. Isn't Judy a pathetic, hand trembling, harridan of a drunk?

  2. You can see it, I can see it - why can't they?