Friday, 2 November 2012


I'm trying a small experiment.  I don't know which way it will go and some might think it a bit odd for someone whose blogging can be a bit erratic to say the least.

As readers will know I've been going on about local voting blocs.  My premise is that that is where the real power base of the electorate lies.  Local crops up time and time again.  Richard North over at EUreferendum writes about local "battlegrounds" and I know David over at Witterings from Witney has a fair bit to say on the matter as well, to name just a few.  I've written numerous entries calling on people to get themselves involved on establishing their local power base.  I even offered to list their blogs in the sidebar of Restoring Britain.  Unfortunately such calls have gone nowhere

Because of that I'm running a small experiment.  There's a new sister blog to Restoring Britain now starting.  I'm calling it Restoring Nottingham (how imaginative).  Strangely enough it bring the focus from the national level to the local level aimed at the people of Nottinghamshire. 

The reason is that sometimes I wonder if because as bloggers, we comment on things of a national / international level, people don't always see the connection them despite our efforts to tell them exactly how it applies to them.

So I'm going to try and put my money where my mouth is (so to speak) and begin something to try and wake the people of Nottinghamshire up.  It might work but it might fall flat on its face with the only thing passing through being an empty Stella can. 

It won't just be politics.  I'm also looking at commenting on other things.  Things that strike me as being potentially beneficial to the place as a place to live and visit.  My comment is going to try and appeal to the people that live there.  Nottingham won't change if the people don't change.  If the people do what they did yesterday, they'll get what they got today.  That applies to their lives and their politics.  National or local, it's a numbers game.  I'll also try and bring some of those national / international things into their homes and help them to see that it's not something out there and unrelated to them, but is pushing them around.  Hopefully some of them will decide it's time to establish their own long march through the institutions.

I hope ultimately they get it and that some of the things we've talked about here such as local voting blocs start to take hold where I live for their sake and for their children's sakes. I'm also hoping to introduce them to things like the Harrogate agenda to move the debate out of the blogsphere into everyday homes.  

Restoring Britain won't be disappearing.  I'm going to try both blogs and see where we go. Hopefully new bloggers will come to the fore to spread the word.  The offer still stands to link to local blogs as well (as long as they keep it legal).  I still intend to find practical advice for those who want to become our Mia Love and make a difference as well as getting the whole local movement going.

Let's hope the folk of Nottingham are ready for it and they find my little blog.

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  1. What a superb idea. I shall follow your experiment with great interest and put Restoring Nottingham in my side bar.

    As ever, thanks for the mention.