Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Oh dear!

Nick Clegg, that great statesman, has apparently pronounced his miracle for solving the downward spiral in our economic circumstances.  According to one newspaper I've briefly seen the website for he's looking for what looks like a one off tax on wealthy people, arguing that without it we could see a breakdown in social cohesion as seen during last summers riots.

To be frank I'm not sure where to start with this.  If this is a serious notion in the mind of Clegg because he thinks it's a real way to solve the problem, then any adviser worth his salt should walk away right now rather than be perceived to be advising the village idiot on advanced stupidity. That said I can believe he holds such views due to ideology.  I suspect that it is more a case however in that he's looking to bolster his ratings, which at a time like this is truly perverse.

But Clegg is Clegg and I've come to expect little more from modern politicians like him.  I cannot bring myself to be bothered to take his arguments apart one by one.  My concern is for those sucked into believing this story is the answer. They are being taken for a ride and they'll pay a price beyond comprehension because of politicians such as this.

So I offer some food for thought.  It comes from across the pond where there is the a strong, well produced counter narrative.  Although the precise numbers are different, they are in a similar boat so the parallel, for me, remains the same. 

Ladies and Gentlemen - I'll leave the explanation of what's wrong with Clegg's argument to Mr Bill Whittle

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