Sunday, 3 June 2012

Breaking Cover

For although many have been called crazy over this, there have been persistent attempts to raise awareness that the intention of the EU is to create a single federated entity in which its nation states are subsumed into the Brussels power base.  One way they've been successful in preventing widespread awareness over this is that the architects have been playing the long game and implementing it via the sausage slicing approach.  Each stage only moves the intention along slightly, keeping it for the most part under the radar.

The problem has been the financial crisis that has enveloped Europe.  Originally it was problematic but then they recognised it as a beneficial crisis.  Unfortunately for the grand architects they have since found out that the in reality their control of this crisis is akin to sitting on top of a rampaging bull elephant and finding your harness is made of string.

Richard North over at EU Referendum has come across a report that suggests that the grand plan may have to break cover.

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  1. Not "may have to" but was always designed to. I have a report from 2000 on other matters which suggested they'd come clean once the infrastructure was in place.