Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Stand Proud Children of England

Today is St George's day. I hope it has been a good one for you. I stumbled on it slightly by accident today. I had just had a small blip in my memory on the precise date given it's occasional move, combined with the sad fact that our media and culture has allowed it to creep up with the stealth of the SAS.

I had a meeting today in London, one that required a suit, shirt and all that. Fumbling around for a set of cuff links, the only pair I could find were my St George's flag set. Blissfully unaware that today was the actual day, I sat in the train as it wandered through the English countryside. It began to dawn on me during the breakthrough of the sun on this fair isle as I saw a number of churches flying the cross of St George. It was a mixture of feelings. Good to see on most churches, but it made those not flying it, all the more obvious.

The day has only shown small blips of national pride in the day of our patron saint. In part surprised but also in part not so.  The absence and what I presume to be apathy is the inevitable result of the attack on our culture, not by other cultures, but by our own. These people have decided that England and Great Britain are dirty concepts that must be smashed casting insults on its symbols and demanding they must be torn down and treated with contempt. Various others have had a hand in this in one way or another.

It's for reasons like this, that we see more made of St Patrick's Day by way of celebration than our own day. Surely we must see that change.

That said though, there are glimmers of hope. As I write this, I learn that Nottingham City had a St George's Day parade, with people dressed as knight's and all manner of costumes bearing the cross. Added to which, the Council House in the Old Market Square had a huge flag spread across its facade. People interviewed, called for an additional bank holiday. I would like that but for now, those who oppose the whole notion would fight thus and hold too many strings.

So what happens? Do we just accept it or do we do something? I have increasingly come to the viewpoint that we simply make the opponents irrelevant. Our mistake is to wait for the structures to grant us permission to be English and to be British and to be proud of those facts. We have given them permission to cower us into submission and we must revoke that permission. We outnumber them and we must make them irrelevant. We do it in the same way they did it to us. We retake the cultures. They smashed us through the culture and we must take it back.

Flags are potent symbols. As I've said in a previous post, they can be signals of distress but they can be signals to those who are lost that they are close to safety and not alone. Ours must fly again and spread, to send the signal forth, like a beacon in the darkness. I am off to think on helping this along.

In the meantime as the day draws to a close, raise a glass. To St George and to England! Let their names live forever. As you do so stand proud, for you are on sacred ground .

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Do you see it?

First, may I wish everyone a Happy Easter. I hope today you will all be blessed with good company and happiness and laughter.

Now, however I want to turn to something else, something I turn to so often, because, I believe it's vital to see it.

If you've watched the movie, The Passion of the Christ, you will know the thread I'm talking about. Regardless of what you feel about the director, Mel Gibson, he wove into the story a very clever depiction of  Satan.  He did it on two levels. Firstly he cast Rosalindo Celentano and shaved her head and eyebrows. The aim, to create his vision of the devil as something that on one level has an allure, but something isn't quite right at the same time. Secondly and more importantly, is the fact that there are several scenes, where the devil moves obviously through the crowd in plain sight, yet it seems, no one in the crowd can see him. That is my point today and everyday I write this type of post. If you look, you can see something very wrong playing out in front of, yet we seem to fail to recognise it for what it is. Somehow we prefer to see it as some kind of benign lunacy, when it is anything but. What we see today, is written in the plans of twisted people from many years.

I give you four stories / blog posts.

Story one

Story two

Story Three

Story Four

Yes, I know most of them are from the Daily Mail and I acknowledge that, but it does not reduce the fact that there is something very telling in them.

Stories one and two show us how far we have fallen as a individuals and how our structures that keep society on an even keel have collapsed. The prison story is not an accident. Prison was meant to be a corrective institution, in part to punish offenders and in part to rehabilitate them to rejoin society as productive individuals once again. Yet look where we are with that.  That doesn't just happen, someone has to permit that to happen.  The other story, is bordering on vomit inducing. That someone could consider abortion so casually for the pursuit of z list celebrity and a pink Range Rover, gives you a clue to the level of aspiration of its population and the everyday thought processes. That in turn gives you a picture of something else - the structures and the culture. You don't just wake up thinking like this. You have to pass through a culture and institutions that mould you into this way of thinking and reward it at every twist and turn.

These are not isolated stories either. Examples and tales like these crop up almost daily. They point to components of our culture that are endemic.

Of course this brings something else - a dumbed down society. This is the dismantling of critical thinking. A nation that has it's critical reasoning skills dismantled in sufficient numbers can have anything foisted upon it. It starts failing to see when something obvious is walking in its midst, doing its work.

Which brings us to story three. A dumbed down nation takes what it is fed at face value. One like ours has become hooked on electronic media. We have an addiction to the electronic mogadon in the corner of our lounges  and we are fed on the prevailing viewpoint and culture of instant celebrity, inane soap operas pushing the boundaries of constant misery and conflict. Added to that, our state broadcaster has which is increasingly becoming viewed as a propaganda service for the prevailing culture within it.

All of this brings us to story four. It is not the calls for stoning etc that I pick up on, but the method of influence, because it illustrates the point I struggle to get people to see without them perceiving me as some form of tin foil hat wearing type. The Trojan horse method that is the background to this story is a very real concept. It's the way they move through the crowd to do their work. It's a politically neutral concept too. Move silently and almost imperceptibly with enough people turning this and changing that over sufficient number of years, with enough people and you can change anything right before a nations eyes and they won't spot a thing until it's too late and they're no longer in any shape to stop it. Those that can spot it and would like to change it, can't because they either appear outnumbered, the struggle is on too many fronts for their numbers, or they daren't rock the boat for fear of being perceived as nutters, because to do so would be believed to be conspiracy theorist and we all know what the world thinks of them.

I've joined the dots on four stories today to paint a picture of manipulation that sounds like pure fantasy. For those however who have eyes who wish to see and those who have hears and wish to hear - go on a journey of your own. Look up The Frankfurt School and look up The Long March Through the Institutions.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Just in case...

The Israel/Palestine situation has a habit of polarising viewpoints. Unfortunately many have come to a view of the situation that paints a romanticised picture of David and Goliath type struggle. If you spend any real time digging around, things aren't all that straightforward.

Part of the problem is the media and our own BBC has played a part in that.

It's for that reason I post today's entry. My prediction might prove wrong, but I post it anyway because it's a common method the media have used in the past.

There is a story that isn't on the BBC website and hasn't been as far as I can see. It's the story of an attack by a Palestinian, that has resulted in the death of an Israeli. The attack killed the Israeli after the Palestinian fired around 35 shots with what is believed to be a Kalashnikov on the eve of Passover.

Israel Hebron attack

I raise this and it's absence for two reasons. One because it's curious by its absence as the BBC Middle East news section is a prolific reporter of Israeli Palestinian issues (yet I suspect I know why). Two, because I'm waiting for the subsequent hunt of the killer resulting in some form of gun battle that will result in Palestinian injuries or death and they possibly other issues. It's at that point I suspect we will see reports with the focus on the Israeli attack.

For those who are watchers of this, it's often referred to as "it all started when Israel struck back".

Israel / Palestine is a complex situation, not helped by media manipulating  the story to consistently paint Israel as the bad guy. There's a lot more to it than that and it will not be resolved with infantile game playing.

Friday, 11 April 2014

The Pike Award

I've created a special award this week - The Pike Award. Named in honour of Private Pike of Dads Army fame. I've created it for someone whom I feel is deserving of such an award for being a particularly stupid boy.

Step forward Ed Milliband.

According the press, Ed has made it clear that if he is PM he will create a Secretary of State for Women

Why exactly? Well apparently it's part due to the Maria Miller issue and the reduced status of her successor.

For me Ed wins the award for a whole host of reasons, but at the heart if this, like Pike, he has as my late Grandmother's neighbour used to say,

"Opened his mouth and let the wind blow his tongue about".

Such is the lack of thinking that has gone into this announcement. Such an idea will solve nothing. He's not saying it, because he believes women need someone to advance their cause. He's saying it for his own party's gain at the ballot box. Likewise having had a similar role in government in the form of Miller, didn't really do much for women either. We got Miller, who by the stories we have seen this week could be argued by some to have only been advancing the cause of one woman - herself.

I could go on, but I think readers are intelligent and are probably shooting their own holes in Ed's idea. In short, it's not the absence of women in cabinet or in politics, it's the absence of honourable people in public service that's the issue.

I shouldn't be surprised though. Ed's got form for this sort of thing. We saw this right back when he announced he was running for Leader and he have his launch speech. It followed a similar pattern. It was one of his walk around the stage without a script type speeches. He was talking about this and about that and part way through there was a sudden outburst of we're going to do something for women too! You got the impression from there on in, he was thinking of things off the top of his head, with no thought or censorship of what made it into the atmosphere. All he was doing was making sure he went through his mental checklist of right on causes to seem all things to all people to gather as many votes as possible and it would seem he continues in that vein.

Take a bow Ed Milliband , winner of The Pike Award. Don't worry. We won't need a speech - we couldn't bear it.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

The Cabal of Dipsh*ts

The problem with having Nourishing Obscurity as a source of posting inspiration is one of blink and you're behind the curve.  Just the other day I saw this post and it immediately triggered the inspiration of a post for this place.  By the time I get round to it, I'm way behind.  But hey ho, here goes.

James' observations immediately took me to observations of mine of a similar nature back in 2011when I wrote about the role of Chancers in my hierarchy of treason.  Chancers are people ill qualified for any of the roles they hold and their rise borders on Kafkaesque if you happen to be close to them.  Of them I wrote:

"Although the hallmarks of a Chancer are many, one of the simplest to spot is the concept that the only basis for their activity is themselves.  Like a fly that can sniff out a bloated corpse for no other reason than a source of food and a place to lay its eggs, Chancers, are acutely attuned to similar bloated bodies to gorge on money, power and prestige.  Such bodies can be found by them in public and private sector and it matters not to them which they land on as long as it can serve their needs."

I wrote many more things about them at the time.  What was refreshing to see in James' post is that I'm not alone.  I don't possess a gift unique to me.  We can all see them and frequently we all have.  If we couldn't see them before, events over the last few months have shone a spotlight on them. back then I wrote this of them:

"There are many more facets to the Chancer and their pathway, too numerous to mention here.  I ask however, if with the relatively short description I have given if you now see them anywhere.  Personally I do and am startled at their prevalence.  If you're still unsure, look around at the major problems that are currently on our doorstep such as the riots, show pony politics and the global financial crisis amongst other things and look at their handling and the responses of the so called great and the good.  Most of us recognise we are in the midst of serious times, but ask yourself if we have seen a serious response.  I say not.  I see trivial responses and the continuation of previous failed methods.  I see people lacking the capability to make decisions, preferring instead to hang on to their gilded life.  I see people in power trying to shuffle blame to anywhere but themselves.  I see a general population screaming at the lunacy of it all and seeing responses that serve only to convince them that they are indeed the crazy ones"

Unfortunately, however we are reaping the fruits of these people.  Its not just a bit of stupidity here and a touch of bumbling there any longer.  We're paying a real price now.  People are paying a real price and will continue to do so.  We will get much more complex problems than the flooding we have now.  Our problem is that in too many critical positions we have people of similar capability.  Their response will be the same but the impact will be magnified. We see they're not cut out to handle a damn thing. 

Originally I was, at this point, going to write what I saw as their mindset, but to be truthful I cannot comprehend what must go on in their minds.  The appear to possess a mixture of hubris in which they presume their every utterance and ideas to be pure genius.  At the same time however, their efforts to avoid blame and make other people pay the price for them would have to have them acknowledge that they're just not that smart and they have to avoid responsibility.  How they can possess both traits at once, I cannot comprehend. 

In all honesty I am lost for words in trying to understand them.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Right on the Money

Although it's taken me a few days to get to it Raedwald hit the nail on the head with this post about Barroso's cabinet.  It's a fantastic summation that the people of Britain and Europe need to understand.  I've put the image on here also (Based on Raedwald's post I think I'm allowed to, but if asked to remove I will do and you can certainly go get it directly from his place).

I think it's right on the money for a number of reasons.  As bloggers we moan endlessly about a mainstream media asleep at the wheel in their role of holding the elected (or unelected) to account.  Honesty, enquiry and integrity have all gone out of the window.  As such everything that is wrong with the nation and its politics is getting a free ride.  When you throw into the same mix, a disinterested population who have been taught to do no more than worship celebrity from A-Z (and even lower) and obsess over things like X-Factor, you find a nation and a world like we have now.  For those of us with an eye more on the horizon than on the TV listings, the journey looks dark and scary and unlikely to end well for everyone everywhere.

The answer in reality is to prove their dominance irrelevant.  They're a handful of people and in reality we are legion.  Whilst we continue to bemoan them, we (and this means everyone) need to decide to bypass them.  They're not interested in picking up our message so rather than go through them, going round them is the answer.

There are lots of ways round that I'm sure, but Raedwald has commented on one method with that picture.

Given where our people are with awareness of what's going on, it has to be simple so that everyone can get it.  There's a phrase somewhere about not feeding people bread when they are only able to tolerate milk.  That applies right now for us. We don't have the 50 years or so it will take through the existing routes.  Something needs to start shifting soon in the nation's psyche.

The messages need to start to come out, simple, clear, unambiguous and punchy.  Nobody could fail to understand the message from that picture and that is key.  Stuff like this needs to start getting out to everyone. Do that enough and the drip drip drip of it will start reaching the people.  Do that and we'll start to make the uniformed half truths and outright lies of mainstream media irrelevant.

And how could the everyday man & woman in the street do that.  Well next time you think of sending those funny emails on to your like minded friends, you could send one with that picture in it, although I grant you it will wipe the smile of their faces.

Saturday, 18 January 2014

I hope you believe in ghost stories...

....because you're in one - so the line went in one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.  I thought it a pretty apt title for this post, although I did consider "These are the droids you're looking for". There's a video at the end of this post that sets it out very simply from Bill Whittle in the US and I recommend that even if you can't be bothered with this post, you watch.

What am I on about?

Well, as a "political" blogger I've long since worked out that there are much finer minds than mine out there in the blogging world who a better able to dig deep and demonstrate flaws in the plans and policies of politicians than myself.  I can't do it to the level they can and I would be doing my small readership a disservice if  I attempted that, although from time to time I come in with my own simplistic viewpoint.

I've said, time and time again that I want a better Britain.  A strong healthy and robust nation where everyone has the same opportunity to make something of their life based on a willingness to work for it and one that can catch those who have served us well and have fallen on hard times.  I personally don't feel we have that for all sorts of reasons and I think it has to be worked towards in a democratic and legal fashion.  What I'm also clear on is that to achieve that, everyone has to pull on the rope.

What I've therefore tried to do is focus my blog postings on pointing to the man and woman in the street, the need to play their part and how they can do that.  I'm hopeful they will come by my blogs and decide they need to do their bit.  At the moment I don't think that's happening to the degree it's required.  It's not so much a vein but an artery of apathy that runs through the people of Britain.  They don't realise they've all got a wheel to help steer this nation or if they do, too many of them are asleep at it.

I partly understand that apathy.  Politics is boring, vote for different ones and get the same thing, none of them listening and so on and so forth.  I get it all.  I also get their notion that the country (and the world) seems to have gone mad.  Truths become lies, victims are criminals and justice systems seem more about criminal protection than its published principles.  Furthermore you can see what's wrong but you're in a position where you need to keep your opinion to yourself because everything you think and want to say about it will render you a pariah, even amongst your friends.

That brings me back to my earlier question "what am I on about?" with the movie quotes.  I think it's really important that joe public understands something and if you're joe public stopping by this blog - then I mean you.

It needs to be understood that the inversion of reality and justice is not haphazard and occurring by accident in a world that just seems to have gone mad.  It was deliberately designed decades ago.  It was implemented by very bright people who knew precisely what it was intended to achieve.  It  was designed to put you in the place you now find yourself.  It continues to be advanced to this day, in part, by people who know exactly what they're up to.  More importantly it is being advanced by well intentioned people who have no clue they are being manipulated to take something devious forward dressed in a cloak of fairness. These people walk amongst you every day, saying hello and smiling.

Here's something else.  It was designed to surround you, without you even realising. They needed to move invisibly because if you had spotted it you might well have stood up to them when you had the chance.  They needed to avoid that because the reality is we outnumber them and they need to look bigger than they are to make you feel afraid to stand up, speak out and push back.  They need to give you the impression you're surrounded which is why they needed what Lenin called useful idiots to help them create the illusion of size.  In reality they are like the Wizard of Oz.  The big green fire breathing man is a misdirection to hope you don't spot the curtain where the scared little bully is pulling handles and pushing buttons to create the illusion.

Like I say, I hope you believe in ghost stories, because you're in one.

This, for me is the big secret to turning the madness around.  I want to draw back the curtain on this plan and show you what's going on, because once you see the trick being played before your eyes, you can do something about it.  Until everyone wakes up and sees this, they continue their "advantage" over us.  Even if Westminster, Brussels and all of that seems beyond you you'll see that there are lots of things you can do in everyday life that will start to get the nation back to where it needs to be for the benefit of a stable world for our children to live in.  Part of their plan was to make you feel alone and isolated, but once you start doing things day to day, other people will see they're not alone and they'll start acting and speaking up and slowly but surely, things will change.

I'll give you a quick example.  For a long time these people have had success in making Britain feel like a place of horrible people responsible for all the ills of the world.  Their view was we should become a place of perpetual losers and self-flagellation.  Then the 2012 Olympics came along.  An expense white elephant?  Maybe.  But look at what it did to us.  Look how we came out as a people and got behind it, shouting cheering waving the flag and showing our pride in who we know we really are.  Once one started making a noise, others joined in and there wasn't a damn thing they could do to stop it.  That scares them.

So here's Bill Whittle to tell you all about them and how they worked.  Know them and look out for their work.